Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hey mommy!!!
I couldnt wait to write you this letter because this has definitely been the best week of my mission!! :) I cant even begin to tell you how awesome things have been down here for me, and how awesome my new companion is. We get along CRAZY well, and we are both just so hilarious. But the best part about it all is that we are working SO HARD too. We brought 5 investigators to church this week. We found a family of 5 this last week, but only 4 of them could come, because the dad had an emergency at his job. But they are an incredible family. Their names are Marisol, Alexia, Valeria, Cristofer, and David.
We were explaining the restoration of the church to them, and we were trying to explain the attributes of God. I asked, `How are we physically?` And Valeria, (Shes 8) said `¡Guapos!`
Somos muy guapos! Haha!
I laughed so so so hard! It was absolutely adorable. Also, they are so receptive its not even funny. We talked for a little while, and Marisol has a ton of problems with her husband, so we are doing what we can to help that out. We told her that she has to search for all of the answers in the Book of Mormon, and come to the church. She is doing both right now. I felt REALLY prompted to ask her if we could give her a blessing, and she didnt even know what it was or what the preisthood is. But I explained it quickly, and we gave her one. After we ended, she was BAWLING and said she had NEVER felt this feeling before, and now she and her kids know that everything that we have been saying is true, and it is all from God. They are getting baptized the 9th of August :) Hahah what a great story right?! I love this family with all my heart!
Elder Stepan and I! SELFIE!!!
So, about the ‘Mormon Battalion’. President had a dream, or a vision, that Christ appeared to him, and told him that he needs to put all of his best missionaries in this area, because he has to split this stake into 2 different stakes, and he has no time to lose. Christ said, “You need to form a Mormon Battalion like I asked the pioneers of old to do, and you need to split this stake.” So, now I am here in the Batallón Mormón! It is pretty sweet to know that the Lord has chosen me to be here in this Battalion. What an honor! Elder Stepan and I are still not sure why exactly we are here, but we are going to show the Lord that he put us here for a reason. I've had a lot of awesome companions! I imagine I'll see them here as well!
I had another meeting with President, and I asked him for another blessing. He told me in the blessing that I have angels walking alongside me and the people will recognize that. Also, that I have been given to enjoy the rest of my mission, and it has NOT let me down! I am loving this so far! I am really content and happy right now! :)
I hope that everything has gone well for you all this last week. Well, about the presents, the Mexican people at the border already opened all the things you wrapped to make sure that they were okay to send across the border, so I saw everything already. :( But it was SO necesary! If that is how you spell that? Oh, Spanish.. Anyway, I really needed all of it.  And the scripture games were super fun so I thank you for that as well! :) I don’t feel bad that they were all unwrapped. So dont you worry about that! I loved them ALL! I love the Razor its incredible, and also all of the garments. The candy is nice, and I dont know, all of the stuff is great!! Thanks a ton for all of that mommy! :) Oh, and the squirt guns are awesome! They are really fun for my companion and I to use around the house!
The name of our district is called Centurion and we found this car. I thought it was funny!!
Well, I have also written a story book, so thank you for the package and dont worry about sending me a ton of packages, I am okay with what I am getting. Just remember that I love you and that I will do whatever I can to make sure that you are all happy up there as well! I will continue to pray about all of your happiness, and all of the blessings that you are asking for. P.S. I would LOVE to live in Austin’s ward. They are such an incredible ward. They are amazing. You would love it too, I know that. Anyway, take care and have a great week mommy! Thanks for the letters and the love and support!!  
     Love, your favorite son, Elder Shaddick :)

P.S. And baby Bron Bron went to the Cavs!?! I am THRILLED!! That makes me really happy!! Now it looks like I have to change all of my getups to Cavs stuff! :) Kyrie Irving and LeBron will be quite the duo! I cannot wait.

I got to go mommy! I love you tons and hope that you have a great week!!  Take care and know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers!!! LOVE YOU!!!
   Elder Shaddick :)

{Two of Braeden's former companion's have been writing me and I thought I would add some of what they said to me this week. They are both really great young men and awesome missionaries!! I love them both and have never even met them!!}

Oh also, cool fact, Elder Christofferson, one of the 12 Apostles, said this mission, the Chihuahua Mission is the hardest mission in the world, and that every time when he is picking missions for future missionaries and gets the feeling they should come here he thinks to himself, this one must be strong! (We are!!!) And I know, we had a multi zone meeting and I thought I was going to see Elder Shaddick but they told me he got transferred again. I didn’t know where but cool he that he is in the Mormon Battalion!! That is really cool. Love, Elder Aguilar

I have heard of the "Mormon Battalion" thing but I am not sure what it is. I believe it is Pres. Chavez putting all of the best missionaries in the mission in the same stake and having them baptize a ton. I miss Elder Shaddick but I’m glad he’s there! He’ll do amazing! Love, Elder Walker

July 7, 2014

Hey mommy.
I am really glad to read your email this week. Surprise, I got transfers. AGAIN. I am Chihuahua again. I just dont understand it. I am with Elder Stepan right now. He is a great guy from the 3 hours that I know him. Every time I get comfortable, I get changes. That is so hard on me! It’s pretty stressful and makes me feel a little sick. I Loved Elder Finkenthal. He was incredible. I got put into the area where there is the most stress and the most pressure on all the missionaries.
The University down here!
Also, I got your packages! Thanks for them!!! Yes I got both dont worry about that. I will try my best to wait until my birthday to open them! I will see how much my will power will allow me. Also, FINALLY someone went through the house, I have been praying so hard for at least something good to happen. I hope things go well with that. Also finding a new house. I understand why you still want to be there, I love that house too. It makes me really happy, but we have to do what we have to do. I know things will work out soon!
I'll miss him! What a great man!
I’m glad Elder Walker is writing to you. That makes me happy! I was really sad to go from him as well. And yeah I heard about the death. It was really sad. I didnt know her though. It was one of the less active’s daughters in Saucillo and she was brutally murdered and thrown into a ditch. Sad right?
The area I am in has this thing called the “Mormon Batallion” because thats where they put all the best missionaries to baptize a lot. I dont know if I should feel honored, or ready for a time of difficulties. GAHHH! I’m not exactly sure what it even is? I just have to put all my trust in the Lord because I’m really nervous about it! I will try to listen to the Lord becuase that is all that I have. I am going to receive special training for this “mormon battalion” thing. It will be cool. So lets see how this works out. And me and my companion are both the senior companions. He has 13 months.
I'll miss them, too!
There definitely was a reason I was put here. I am sure of that. I just want to know what that reason is really soon! And yeah, I am pretty excited to be here, I hope that it all goes great. I will let you know next week I guess!
I met "Michael Jackson" Crazy huh?
Well, I wrote a ton, so I have to go mommy. I hope that you have an amazing week. I will keep you in my prayers just like I always do. I love you tons and tons. Have an amazing week!! Talk to you next Monday!!! LOVE YOU!!! :)

   Elder Shaddick

July 1, 2014

(Before I post this I just want to say that I have been correcting Braeden’s spelling and punctuation for the last few letters and I decided to stop doing that. He is an EXCELLENT speller and excellent in English skills in general, but since he is immersing himself into Spanish so much, his spelling and other skills are depreciating. He even says sentences a little bit wrong. It makes me smile. I think he’ll get a kick out of it in years to come when he realizes how bad it got. He doesn’t think it’s changed at all. Guess he’ll see! J)

Hey mommy!!!
I have some great and interesting stories to tell you. First, yes I did get transfers, to a city called Girasoles en Chihuahua. My companion’s name was Elder Minquiz.
Elder Miquiz
I was literaly there for 6 days, and then I had an interview with {the mission} president. In the interview, he imediately stood up, and took me to the map and asked me where I wanted to get transfered to. I told him wherever he felt inspired. He sent me to Delicias! It’s about 30 minutes from Saucillo! I LOVE IT here. It’s so nice and my companion is awesome. His name is Elder Finkenthal.
Elder Finkenthal
He’s a great kid, and very nice.
Also, with my Spanish, yeah I am going to say that I am fluent. I had NO problems understand Elder Minquiz for the last week. So thats my story about that! Anyway, Nothing else really has happened, it has just been a really crazy week, and I am not sure what I can say about it. Well, Elder Minquiz was a great person and I liked his personality, but he wasn’t my favorite for a companion. But I learned a ton from him and I am a lot better. Also, in my meeting with president, I asked him for a blessing, and it was really nice. It gave me a lot of comfort and peace and more desires to work. I really like being here in Delicias, and I feel like we are going to have a lot of success here. I am a lot more... Tranquil? The word is Tranquilo. I dont know. OH yeah!! Calm.
Time for me to go; then go again!
Haha Anyway, its been really good.
I just want to say that I love you and miss you a lot. But the time is really flying by. I cant believe that I have 7 months and a half in the mission. Its going by so fast. Especially because I have changed myself into the person that I need to be. And that the Lord needs me to be. Well, I hope you have a great week! And I hope you know that I love you all so very much and I hope you feel of the blessings that I do for me being out here. :P Well, Have a good week mommy!  Love you :)

  Elder Shaddick
I'll miss this family

And I'll really miss him!