Monday, July 14, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hey mommy.
I am really glad to read your email this week. Surprise, I got transfers. AGAIN. I am Chihuahua again. I just dont understand it. I am with Elder Stepan right now. He is a great guy from the 3 hours that I know him. Every time I get comfortable, I get changes. That is so hard on me! It’s pretty stressful and makes me feel a little sick. I Loved Elder Finkenthal. He was incredible. I got put into the area where there is the most stress and the most pressure on all the missionaries.
The University down here!
Also, I got your packages! Thanks for them!!! Yes I got both dont worry about that. I will try my best to wait until my birthday to open them! I will see how much my will power will allow me. Also, FINALLY someone went through the house, I have been praying so hard for at least something good to happen. I hope things go well with that. Also finding a new house. I understand why you still want to be there, I love that house too. It makes me really happy, but we have to do what we have to do. I know things will work out soon!
I'll miss him! What a great man!
I’m glad Elder Walker is writing to you. That makes me happy! I was really sad to go from him as well. And yeah I heard about the death. It was really sad. I didnt know her though. It was one of the less active’s daughters in Saucillo and she was brutally murdered and thrown into a ditch. Sad right?
The area I am in has this thing called the “Mormon Batallion” because thats where they put all the best missionaries to baptize a lot. I dont know if I should feel honored, or ready for a time of difficulties. GAHHH! I’m not exactly sure what it even is? I just have to put all my trust in the Lord because I’m really nervous about it! I will try to listen to the Lord becuase that is all that I have. I am going to receive special training for this “mormon battalion” thing. It will be cool. So lets see how this works out. And me and my companion are both the senior companions. He has 13 months.
I'll miss them, too!
There definitely was a reason I was put here. I am sure of that. I just want to know what that reason is really soon! And yeah, I am pretty excited to be here, I hope that it all goes great. I will let you know next week I guess!
I met "Michael Jackson" Crazy huh?
Well, I wrote a ton, so I have to go mommy. I hope that you have an amazing week. I will keep you in my prayers just like I always do. I love you tons and tons. Have an amazing week!! Talk to you next Monday!!! LOVE YOU!!! :)

   Elder Shaddick

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