Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hey Mommy!!!
That poem was literally incredible. I want to print it off and keep it with me. Anyway, I am REALLY sorry about all the struggles that you are having. I can’t even imagine. Also, we know if we get transfers tonight, and I really think that I am going. But I actually REALLY don’t want to right now because I LOVE my new companion. He is INCREDIBLE. We are so much alike its crazy. And for that reason, I believe I will get transferred. Haha!
My awesome companion! Long day for us! He totally fell asleep on the way home!
I will make sure to pray harder about the house to sell as well.
Well, you’ll never guess who wrote to me?! Margaret! She is really such a nice lady. I bore my testimony to her, and told her to look for missionaries like me and nothing would make me happier. I know Austin just got transferred in South Africa to a place called Botsabelo. Wouldn’t that be cool if he was anywhere close to her? If I couldn’t go see her, at least my best friend could! She was so sweet to write to me!
Love these two!!
I am so sorry about all of the crazy things happening in your life right now. What can I do to help? I think for now, we have to focus on ourselves and do the voluntary? of the Lord. The word is voluntad in Spanish and I don’t remember what it is in English. {The word means “will” as in “do the will of the Lord”} Haha! :P Anyway, I hope that everything is all good with you all.
You are always in my prayers, and I always want that you are happy. Please take care and remember that The Lord will help you all through any struggle. Love you mommy!!!
   Elder Shaddick
Who doesn't love watermelon??

P.S. I love you tons and tons mommy. I am a lot better, and I promise you that I will keep praying for you all. The Lord can do all things just remember that!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!  :) Have an amazing week!

(Here is the poem I sent to Brae! It really is an amazing poem! One of my missionary mom friend's daughter wrote it and I just felt like it was something Braeden needed to hear!)
A Missionaries Prayer
  By: Hermana Miller

Dear Lord my heart is breaking, my mind it seems so full

Am I strong enough today?
 Towards home my heart does pull
I question my decision, 
I wonder why I´m here

Dear God above please hear me, 
please help me calm this fear
I need thee every hour
 and this I swear is true

the hours, minutes, seconds pass
, my heart it turns to you
the decision wasn't easy
, my knees, they ache from prayer

help me to find my purpose
, what message should I share?
There I knelt upon the ground 
with tears fresh from my eyes

as I try to find my words, 
my tired body sighs
As I laid there seeking sleep
 I felt a peace inside

I closed my eyes, I counted sheep
, the pain it did subside
While in my dreams, fast asleep
 I perceived a curious sight

I saw a man, standing there 
more glorious than light
but as he came in closer
 I recognized his face

it was my brother Jesus 
with all his love and grace
He told me that he loves me,
 he calmed my every nerve

he told me of my purpose 
saying "You are called to serve"
He told me of some people 
I knew them long ago

I met them up in heaven 
before we came below
He said that they are waiting 
for me to find them there

to share with them a message 
to show them someone cares
But brother I feel lonely,
 I miss my life before

my heart and mind are tired 
and my feet they are so sore
He showed to me his hands and feet 
I felt the marks thereof

He told me that the pain he felt 
was all an act of love
He knows just how I'm feeling
 He´s felt it all before

with his strength I'm worthy 
and this I know for sure
When I woke that morning
 my mindset had been changed

for now I knew my purpose, 
I take with me his name
That morning getting ready
 I felt his spirit there

pinning on my name tag, smiling-
finally knowing what to share

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014

Hey mommy!
This week has been SO MUCH BETTER. Thank you for your prayers, I have definitely felt them! Everything has been good, I have been happy, and all has been really good. My new companion is super cool! Way awesome and very easy to get along with. We have so much in common its crazy. He is into ALL of the stuff I’m into. It’s sick!! :) Things have been really good and I thought you would be happy to hear that. My time here has been flying. But hard sometimes, too. Anyways, thanks for all the inspirational stories and everything. That has been really helpful as well.
Happy Father's Day!!
Down here in Mexico it is really rough. Especially in Saucillo. The members can be frustrating sometimes. They literally had a counsel, to talk about all of the flaws that we as missionaries have. We were there for the first part, but then they asked us to leave, so they could talk about us. That's not very nice, is it? :( They wouldn’t do it themselves, so they had our mission leader stay, so that he could tell us all of our problems we’ve had for the past six months. I’m sacrificing two years of my life to come help and I feel so bad that they aren't as grateful as I had hoped. But, I still know it’s where the Lord needs me to be right now. Obviously I need to do some serious talking with them about gratitude and helping others. They need to start helping us find people and making those people we do find feel welcome. We can’t do it all by ourselves.
So Elder A really wants to live with us when he gets home. He has 4 months on the mission. We would have a blast together. He wants to write you because we are both serious about him living with us after the mission. And he wants to get to know you, if that’s okay! He doesn’t have a mom anymore, if you remember me telling you about him. He is going to send you a picture of the two of us. We were going for the UFC look! Haha! So he, Austin, and I will get an apartment when we go to college! That will be so much fun! I can’t wait and he says he can’t wait either.
UFC time?
Anyway, things are great and a lot better. Elder W and I are working so well together! This place won’t know what hit it! ;) The work is a little rough but we are trying to better it. I love you so much and I always love your letters. Especially when they’re long! Well, I have to go! :( I love you so much mommy, and I hope that you have an amazing week! I pray for you all every day, and I will pray for the house as well!!! Take care and love you all tons and tons.
Your favorite son, Elder Shaddick :)

P.S. Can I spend some money on fixing my guitar? It broke and I haven’t played it in weeks :( Also, the other photo is the future fathers and Father’s Day photo! :)

June 10, 2014

Hey mommy!!
I am here! I am SO sorry that I didn’t write yesterday! It was because... Elder C had Transfers!! And well... IT SUCKS!!! I miss him so much. Literally. My new companion is kind of cool. It’s another white kid. OF COURSE. (Brae really wants a native so his Spanish accent will get better) His name is Elder W and he is tall, skinny, and seems nice enough. It’s just a little hard because even though Elder W is the senior companion (he has 11 months and I have 7 months), it’s basically me doing everything by myself and he doesn’t really help me. I’m sure once he gets used to the area that will change.
Elder C on his way!
Anyway, literally we haven’t had anything happen this week. It was kind of a go with the flow kind of week. It is hard to be in Saucillo, but we are having transfers in 2 weeks, so I am hoping that I will just show this new kid the area, and then I will get transferred at the end of this cycle.
I am SO sorry to hear about my friend. That is horrible and it makes me sick. But I sent him a good message this week. I hope he takes it to heart and will start listening to the gospel more and becoming what God needs him to be. I am sorry about how things are going. It’s really hard for me here, too. I am here with my new companion and things are so difficult. I am having such a hard time right now. He is a great kid!  But I don’t know, I think I just need to change my attitude. It’s been a really hard week for me. I think I will talk to my mission president. Maybe ask him for a blessing. I just hope things will go well. I am trying to not let Satan get in my head. I am doing all I can to not let him. I pray super hard every night and I know that it will help. I hope things get better soon. Maybe a change of scenery will help. I personally think it will.
My new companion! Elder W
I got my package!!! Thank you!! I loved it!! It made me so happy! Oh, and guess what else? Something amazing happened to me!! I woke up last Tuesday and I was completely fluent in the language! I can understand everything. What a blessing I’ve been given! I can’t explain it in any other way except the Lord blessed me with this gift. It is so wonderful and I am so grateful!! I thank my Heavenly Father so much for this gift!
Oh, and Austin’s mom wants my address so she can mail me a package for my birthday. :) Also, guess what?! Austin’s dad emailed me, and said that he is taking me with their family to HAWAII when Austin and I get back!!!! I thanked him so much for that! It made me so happy. He is an awesome guy!
Well, I have to go, but I want to say that I love you and that I really miss you. I’m really sorry about not writing yesterday again! I hope you weren’t too worried. And I will do all I can to make this week better for me. I will find the good in everything. I love you so much and hope that you all have a great week! Take care! You are all in my prayers.
    √Člder Guapo

June 2, 2014

Hey mommy!
         Your letter was so long that I don’t even know where to start. :) So I guess I will start by answering your questions. Yeah go ahead and give Jackie my rip stick. I don’t really need it! If you see something that’s mine, and you’re not sure if you want to keep it, go ahead and toss it! I don’t really need that much stuff when I get back! So no worries! Your field trip sounded AWESOME!! That makes me super happy that you had fun! The place sounds really pretty. I’ll have to go see it when I get home.
I am also really glad that you got to hear me sing! I also sang There Is A Green Hill song in a baptism but in Spanish! We forgot to film that. But it’s okay, because you got to hear that so that is fine! I am really glad that you liked my voice! I feel like it’s getting better and better! I love singing. I sing for people a lot here, and they just LOVE it. I sang a One Direction song to some girls that were and are really crazy for them, and they freaked out and told me that I sounded just like them! Haha!

YAY you’re sending me another package!! That makes me super happy! I love getting packages! Thank you!!! Also, yes, always send it to that same address! It doesn’t matter where I am, it will always get to me :) It sounds like things are getting better and ready for the move! I can’t wait to see where we end up. I am really excited to come home to a new house! I love moving! But I also hate doing the moving, so it’s a win-win for me! :P Haha! No really, I would love to be there to help you, but right now I am helping others. I have a lot I need to change in myself, but it will all be for the better!!  Anyway, make sure that there is a movie theatre room!!!!!! (Or at least a spot to put the projector.) Thanks a ton mommy for everything you’ve done for me! I want to say that I love you and I hope that you have an amazing week and that all works out with the moving and everything!! I love you mama!!!!! Take care! :)

Elder Shaddick