Wednesday, November 12, 2014

August 11, 2014

Hey Mommy!
Thanks for the email!! Things have been really good down here for me! Yeah I think it’s pretty cool how my companion lives so close to us. And are you kidding? I LOVE Elder S. He’s the best companion! We will definitely hang out when we get home. He is hilarious, easy to get along with, and we work hard! About our goal for baptisms, we set that! We set what we think we can get. Or what the Lord can get. I have learned here, that everything we have is absolutely from the Lord. All our success, trials, and everything. It’s amazing. We are doing alright, we have all the people to be baptized, now we just need to throw them into the water! Haha! Jk. We can do this with the Lords help.
It was pouring so we had to wait under a tree!
Nothing really interesting has happened this week, which is kind of sad, but things are cruising along. We are trying really hard to find more people to teach, so that’s going pretty good too. I am really happy that you had so much company with you! That must make you all pretty happy. Besides all of the dogs! Woah! That’s a lot. But I know it was still a good time. Well, I have to go! I just want to say that I love you and that you will all be in my thoughts and prayers! Take care and remember how much I love you and how much the Lord loves you!! Be safe!!
   Love, your favorite Elder,

Elder Shaddick :)
My companion said, "Woah! Don't move! Your eyes are different colors!"

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