Tuesday, November 11, 2014

July 28, 2014

Hey mommy!

         This week was also really, really good. Things have been going super well and I love it. Sadly, our zone only finished off the month with 38 baptisms. But the record for President Chavez is 25, so we crushed that!! But we are going to get 50 this month I know it!! And yeah, I was probably at Austin’s because I had never seen it before. I cried too, that’s for sure.
And yeah, about Marisol.. We baptized her too :) It was really good. She moved out but she still visits the house frequently. Which I think is good. I had a dream mom. Like literally! I saw Marisol and her husband. They got married and sealed in the temple. I saw it, and I was there. I hugged Marisol, and that’s all that I remember. It was the coolest thing ever because even with the problems they have, I felt like it’s going to happen, because I saw it. We went to their house yesterday and showed them the Joseph Smith movie, and they all watched it. Even the dad! He liked it, but he started saying stuff about what he thought was wrong about the church and why. He thought that we had pressured Marisol to get baptized and told her to leave him. That was not the case at all. She chose to, we just found a spot for her to stay. But we cleared that all up with him, and we literally saw a change in him. A physical change. I told them both about the dream I had. At first they were hesitant, but we have a LOT to do to help. David wants to do it. But Marisol doesn’t believe that her love can come back, but the Lord works miracles :)
Cooling off with some yummy ice cream!
The lady that gave us chocolate was not a member, she was just a worker at the gas station. It really made our day so much better! And I will see what I can do about sending you the videos every week ya? :) Ya that picture was the best. Especially with me in front! That’s the Bautizona. Baptizing zone! It’s a pun. Anyways, yeah the Mormon Battalion is beast! We kick butt and we will keep kicking butt. We are going to split this stake!
Wherever you want to move is good with me! Herriman would be great though! Well, I guess I will send this now. I hope that you all have a good week!  I love you tons and tons mommy!!!!
Elder Shaddick
Happy Birthday to Me!!!

P.S. I have no plans for my B day! Just going to work all day! It will be like a normal day! I am pretty excited :P
They made me a cake to celebrate my b-day!

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