Wednesday, November 12, 2014

August 4, 2014

Hey Mommy!
Yeah! There are a few great and weird stories to tell you this week. I will start with the biggest one. So we were just walking along, and out of nowhere, this dog just runs up and bites me in the back of the leg! And then ran off! 
Dogs are everywhere around here!
For the rest of that night, and the whole next day, things just started to get super weird. We didn’t feel the Spirit at ALL. It was a rough day. I fell into a hole, a car drove by and splashed all over me, a guy locked us in the house and tried to call the cops for trespassing, and just a lot of horrible things like that happened. Then at night, we were just thinking why this all could be happening. We prayed a lot, and it just didn’t help. I came to the conclusion, that there might be some sort of bad spirit following us. We decided to finish the night with a blessing to me with oil. A way to get rid of bad spirits is with consecrated oil. So we tried that. Elder S said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to be clean.” I SAW THE DEMON! I SAW IT MOM! It was standing in my room by the bed. Then when he said that, It swooped right in front of my face, and screamed and me, and disappeared. That was FREAKY. But SO COOL! We cast out a demon that was following me. It was crazy!

There’s that story, I guess nothing really big else has happened, but this month, we are going to have 11 baptisms. Our president put up the goals of every missionary this month in a meeting we had. Everyone had like 4, 5, or 6 and we had 11. He asked us, “Is that a worthy goal, or is it just a dream?” We told him it was a worthy goal because we know the Lord is going to help us, and he said great, it’s going to happen by your faith. I know it will. We literally already have all of the people to do it :) The Lord is amazing. How have you all been this week? Oh, I will try to do what I can to send the pictures. I am really glad that all the people liked the videos! You should put it on mine too! I have another one for you!
Well, I dont have much more time so I will send this now!  I love you mommy!  Take care and have a good week! :)

Elder Shaddick

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