Saturday, November 22, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hey Mommy!
First I will start and answer all of your questions! My companion’s name is Jacob S. He wants to go to BYU when he gets back. Yeah, he hit his year mark, and it would be really fun to live with him, except me and Austin want to go to UVU for 2 years, and then to BYU. We will see what happens. We will definitely hang out after though! It was really fun to see Elder C. I see him kind of often. Every time that we have a meeting with president he is there! It’s pretty cool. But no, nobody else is really there. Everyone else is in a different area, so I don’t get to see them. But eventually I will :) and yes, I did get a little birthday cake. It was very good! We all shared it at the lunch we ate! Every meeting we have with president is with every missionary in the city of Chihuahua. That’s what you saw in the picture, all the missionaries in Chihuahua. Elder S is at the very top in the middle!
Well, I have started doing the mission choir for the last few weeks. It’s SO FUN. We sound AMAZING. Hermana Chavez took a video and maybe put it on Facebook. I don’t know. But it’s super awesome! The baptisms go so far, we haven’t baptized anyone this month. But we have everybody to do it. We just need to get them ready! That should be pretty fun, but very hard at the same time. We have to find the need of every person, to be able to teach them well. That is also hard, otherwise they won’t open up their hearts to listen. The Book of Mormon is EVERYTHING in this work. Tell everyone! If the investigators get a testimony of the book, it’s a sure baptism. You just need to show them how the book can answer every question they have, and how to do it.
That’s pretty exciting for Ty. He will be a great missionary. And I feel for T. I understand how that would be. D seems like he is doing okay. He has been writing me pretty much every week so that’s nice. I am gonna bring him back to the church no matter what I do. It’s not okay that he has gotten farther away from the church. As for his work, whatever makes him happy I guess! That’s all the matters right? I think I would like to work at his last place of employment. They don’t do anything ever, like 3 hours a day. That’s fine with me!! HA!!
The boiler blew up on my hand! Ouch!
Well, I hope that everything is okay. I love you and miss you. Mom.. I AM GOING TO HAVE MY FIRST MISSION BABY!! (Because I have 9 months in the field.) That was pretty fast. I love you and know that all will be okay, because the Lord always provides for his children. Take Care!! Oh, and have fun in school with your new kids!! Well, I gotta go mommy! I love you tons and tons. I hope that you know that I am doing great, and the Lord is strengthening me more than I could have ever imagined. I have a firm immovable testimony, and I know that it will serve me for the rest of my life. I am grateful for how amazing you have raised me. I could NOT have asked for a better mother. The way you raised me, is exactly how I want to raise my kids. I never said this enough, but I love you TONS, and I am thankful for the example you set for me as an amazing mother and a faithful child of the Lord. Thank you SO MUCH for starting my mission papers for me:) LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!

   Elder Shaddick :)

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