Monday, May 19, 2014

Brae's Testimony!

I wanted to add Brae’s testimony that he shared with his
sister. I thought it was so amazing and profound and I love seeing how much he has grown. Here is a portion of the letter he sent to her:
Thank you so much for your testimony Tay Tay! That was very powerful and it helped me grow my strength, faith, and testimony as well. I want to testify to you as well. If that's alright.
Brother/Sister love!! <3 <3
I want to tell you that now I have a perfect knowledge that this church is the true church. I have a perfect knowledge that Christ lives, and He is our Redeemer. And only through Him can we be saved. Our Father truly wants what’s best for us, and will do all He can to make it come to pass. I know with all my heart that He listens, loves, and cares for us. I know that He is there for you, and me, and everyone who needs and asks for Him. He is literally our Father in Heaven, and the Father of all our spirits. He is our faith, strength, and light. Remember that Christ is our rock. Through Him, we can receive all that we need. I know that we all have the Lord with us, and I know that He lives and loves us. He cries when we cry, and rejoices when we rejoice. Every time I pray the Lord reassures me. He tells me to stay calm, and he has everything under control. I put 100% of my faith in Him. And I have seen amazing miracles! Like my Spanish. I just forgot myself and realized that I am nothing. 'As for me and my strength I am nothing' but anything is possible with Him! :) Keep praying and staying strong! Please know that you ALWAYS have Him with you, and you will always have your little brother that loves you and would do anything for you! I love you Tay Tay:) I miss you!

   Élder Shaddick

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