Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hey mommy!  

Things have been really good for me this week, except our numbers could be a lot better. But, we did have another baptism! :) So, that was awesome! I feel like we are doing great, but we could be doing a lot more! Okay here is a funny story that happened this week. Elder C and I were just walking down the street when all of a sudden an old lady came up to us. She just stopped and stared at us for about 15 seconds without saying a word. Then a little after that, she said, “Oh wow! ¿Por que están dos guapos? (Why are there 2 good looking guys here?) Haha! We talked with her a little bit. Sadly she wasn´t interested, but it was hilarious. We get called good looking so much. I guess it’s a positive of being a gringo, especially since we’re both blonde.
One thing I forgot last week! When it was conference, one of our members showed up 15 minutes after all the sessions had ended, and she missed conference. She was all just happy and everything, then randomly, she broke down crying for about 10 minutes because she had missed it. It was very sad, and we all thought that we would NEVER see her cry. She is so tough. But it was super sad. But Elder A and I got the session going again for her in Spanish right after so that made her happier!
So, about our baptism. His name is Fermin.
Fermin, our latest baptism
He was a chosen person ready to be baptized the moment we saw him. He says that he was “Thirsty for more knowledge about God.” So thank goodness we had the cup full for him! He just straight up wanted to be baptized right when we talked to him, it was incredible!  His service was this Sunday, yesterday, and Elder C and I did a musical number for him. Elder C played the guitar and I sang, En Un Lejano Cerro Fue, There Is A Green Hill Far Away. When we finished, they literally gave us a standing ovation. They clapped at a baptism! It was hilarious! Then, a lady in the branch asked us to sing at her daughter’s baptism in 2 weeks. So we will be singing again! :P Well, that’s all that’s happened! I will keep praying for you all! I miss you! I love you mommy!

Elder Shaddick :)

P.S. Here are the answers to your questions this week:

1. What is your favorite food that you've tried out in the field? I am not sure, but probably Chili Colorado y Enchiladas!

2. What is your least favorite food you've tried? Some nasty bread with a bunch of gross stuff in it... For santa semana

3. What's the weather like right now? Are you dying of heat or is it still good? I am ROASTING!!

4. What do you usually do on your p-day? Nada, just rest I guess! Laundry, shopping, sports, etc.
Apparently taking selfies is what happens on p-days

5. How do you wash your clothes? We have a washing machine :) (We’re lucky because some other Elders have to use a washboard.)

6. Do you ever cook? If so, what do you make? Yes, only eggs, tortillas, and ham :P

7. How about treats? Do you ever make those? No treats. We don’t have time to make them. Just the candy I get! Send me more candy!!! Please! :P

8. What's grocery shopping like? Are there Walmarts? Or what? In Saucillo, we just have a tiny little store. I might get a Walmart in a different area!

9. Do you usually just walk? Or take a bus? We walk a ton, and take a ton of buses to other cities!

10. Have you seen any strange animals or creatures around that we don't usually see around here? No strange animals, but a TON of stray dogs!! It’s insane.

11. What single item do you want sent in a package to you the very most? A lot of Reese’s and Kit Kats! They don’t exist down here! If you can, just packages and packages of candy and nothing else :) Chiste! No seriously, I don’t really need anything! A few ties I guess. :)  

I love you tons and tons mommy!! :)

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