Friday, April 4, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey mommy!!
Isn't she darling!
Things have been a LOT better this week!!! I have definitely felt your blessings. Things have been very hard, but are also so awesome! The language is coming so smoothly lately. I love how much I can understand. I gave another talk this Sunday and talked for 20 minutes. Last time I talked I read 9 scriptures. :P This time I only read 2, and talked the entire time. My Spanish is so much better now! The ladies there said they were baffled that I could speak so much Spanish for only living in Mexico for 2 months. I feel very blessed right now and I can feel all of your blessings! :)

What a cutie pie!!
I am growing a ton, especially spiritually. I have a testimony of so many amazing things.
So the cutest thing happened to me the other day. A little down syndrome boy came up to me, shook my hand, and kissed my cheek! I thought it was so adorable, I thought it was super cute that he did that. :) They have the purest hearts out of anyone on the earth.
Just hanging out
Really nothing else has happened, but it’s been a great week!! Thanks so much for all the blessings! Love you! :)

Love, Your Favorite Missionary!

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