Friday, April 4, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hey mommy!! We’ve just been meeting with the same people, and I think we are going to baptize them so that’s a bonus! :) Well, our mission leader has been a lot better! He has started repenting and coming back to church! I’m so proud of him! Entonces, he made us cut his hair!! Everyone was nervous to do it, so I did it! I have pictures; they posed for them, but I cut it. I think I did really good! I will send you the pictures!
Haircut time!!

My Spanish has been coming along a lot better! Tuve mi primero discurso aqui! Yo hable por 25 minutos!! Esta fue loco! Yo entiendo mas o menos, pero cuando yo necesito hablar, yo puedo platicar con todos! Basicamente cuando yo necesito, nada mas. :P Pero, it is getting better! It’s no big deal, how are the Heat doing? What are Bron Bron’s stats? And yeah that is right about where to send my package! Thank you so much for sending me one! :)
No, I haven’t gained any weight here in fact I have lost weight! But, I am chubby I guess. I will definitely try to lose weight! Yes I am eating healthy! And yes, people feed us every day! Lunch is the big meal here, so they feed us lunch every day, and we eat a small dinner. Porque working at night we get a lot more success here. There is basically nothing here in the mornings. That’s a bummer, but we are managing. We do 30 minutes of exercise every morning, but we cant work out really. We have been playing soccer every week as well. I am getting really bored of it. I wish it were basketball or football.
New means of transportation perhaps?
 And of course, I LOVE the Mexican food :) It is very good, and the families who cook for us said they want to teach me how to make it so I can when I get back! :)
 I really like my companion, Elder C! Things are going really well and we are working hard. Except, we need the members of the ward to help us out. Our branch president doesn’t really do as much as we’d hoped. That’s a bummer. We need to work more with the members but that doesn’t always work out either. We are going to have a meeting soon with all of them and figure something out!
Happy Valentine's Day!
 Well, I love you mommy!! I miss you tons too! You are all in my prayers always! :)

             Love, Elder Shaddick

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