Friday, April 4, 2014

January 27, 2014

         I love you so much mommy!! On Monday we had our district meeting, and afterward there were a few kids that were playing basketball on our court. We went out and talked to them and invited them to church. They didn’t want to go but wanted us to play basketball against them. So we challenged them that if we beat them they have to go to church, and we KILLED them! We went to 12 and I scored 8 out of the 12 :P  We won 4 to 12. That was awesome! But they didn’t go sadly. It was still a blast though :)

Lovin' this P-day! Basketball!!
This week has been the hardest week of my whole mission. I was really missing home. It’s been hard because of all the worldy things around me. 1. There is Call of Duty stuff and people playing it all over the place.
He shoots, he scores!
2. There is music EVERYWHERE. I really miss listening to music. 3. Nothing has been going right with any of our investigators. 4. We have to take the bus everywhere, and they always play movies!! They played Twilight, and Glee the movie.

I don’t even like those movies, but it was hard because all I thought about was you and Tay Tay. Of course Satan does what he can. 5. I had an impression to go visit our ward mission leader, and we found him in his bathroom. He had fallen on his water pipe, and broke it so his bathroom started to flood. I found a tube and siphoned all the water that kept coming out into his drain. That held it for about an hour, but then I spent 2 more hours trying to fix it, and clean his bathroom. If that isn’t missionary service, I don’t know what is?
Could you try to send me a Spanish hymnbook and a Spanish Preach My Gospel, both miniature sized? Tell all your students that I love and miss them!! Also, I MISS YOU MOMMY!! I love you so so so so much. Oh and I have a surprise for you :) You’re going to LOVE IT!! I sure did!

My first baptism! :)

Love, Elder Shaddick

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