Friday, April 4, 2014

January 20, 2014

       MOMMY!!!!  SEATTLE WON!!! I knew they’d make it to the Superbowl! And let me guess, they’re playing the Broncos just like I said huh? That would be awesome if I was right all those months ago! Thanks for giving that shout out on Facebook, I was literally going to ask you to do that for me:) They are going to win the super bowl I promise!! Okay so here we go. I want to know if it is alright if I buy a guitar? The
mission president said it was fine, so I wanted to make sure it was okay with you! If I can get the guitar, can you send me tabs of hymns and stuff?  And could there be any way possible that you could send me an iPod with all the slow songs you can like hymns and whatever else you can think of! That would be awesome! :) Our mission has a Facebook page and they put up pictures of us all whenever they get the chance! So you need to look for them and add it! Also, I will send you a picture of the address. 

Go Seahawks!!
We have been visiting an old man named Francisco and he is an awesome guy! We like him so much! When we were walking back from Francisco´s house, a car swerved at us and tried to hit us!! It was definitely quite the experience. Neither of us moved because we knew for some reason we would be protected. Oh and one of our Elders got sick with the chicken pox. He asked me to anoint him!! I had to do it in Spanish, and his name was really hard, but I did it and it was a way cool experience!!!
I had my first fully understood lesson!! I understood every word, and even participated, shared my testimony, and I gave them El Libro de Mormon! It was very, very cool.  Another kind of sad story... My ward mission leader is really struggling with a problem. It’s so sad and so hard to see. We talked with our branch president and he just said that he needs our help. I am not sure what to do or what will be done. We have visited him every day since, but I don’t think it’s helping much.

Churros! Yum!!
Oh I am not allowed to use my debit card to buy stuff, I have to withdraw from the ATM. So that’s a bummer because when I take out a $20 they charge me like $8 service charge. Also, ¡Yo termino El Libro de Mormon again! It was so good!!! I am so happy I was able to finish it twice, and I have already started again!!
Being here has helped me become so humble already. I am so thankful for what I have it’s ridiculous. Thank you for our beautiful house, for my car, for buying me clothes, for getting me a great education, and especially for letting me use HOT water everyday to shower with! Ha! But all I can do is be grateful and humble in the eyes of the Lord!

Since the elder was sick, I had to stay in the home with him all day and we had to do splits. I was with him doing nothing in the home for 11 hours!!! That’s when I finished the Book of Mormon. So it was a good and a bad thing. Anyway, I love you so much mommy!!  Oh and my Spanish is coming along alright. I can’t speak much still but I can understand and say what needs to be said! Love you so much!!

Love, Elder Shaddick :)

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