Thursday, April 3, 2014

January 13, 2014


Hey mommy!
This whole mission thing is so overwhelming. I love it but it is hard to get used to. But I really can say that I love it a ton! So, a lot of things have happened and yes, we do get fed every day! And the food is amazing! I don’t have much time because we started late, but next week I will have an hour and a half! The people are amazing and I love every part of this! Except for the language! I feel so dumb not being able to understand anyone! But it has gotten so much better since I got here!
So, I have taken a lot of pictures and I will send you what I can! The place is very, very rundown. My first area is Saucillo. It is a very small town with not a lot of money in it. But the people are so genuine and loving. I am very grateful for that.
My companions name is Elder C!

Elder C! What a great guy!!
He is awesome and a very nice and helpful kid! I will send you a picture! Well, that’s all I can tell you now, but I will send a bunch of pictures!!!!! I love you mommy!!

Love, Elder Shaddick

P.S. Oh, I left out, we have 9 baptismal dates already! :) And, we had to go inside early because there were 3 murders 5 minutes away from us! But we are okay! Don’t you worry, Mommy! I LOVE YOU!!!

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