Thursday, April 3, 2014

November 23, 2013 **Three days into the mission**

Hey Mommy!! 
This has been so crazy!! It has been really hard as well. Spanish is NOT coming easy, but I'm trying hard to work at it. I miss you guys so much. So basically my camera doesn't read my memory card, so I'm going to need a new one. If you could send me one ASAP I would LOVE that :) This experience has been something else.
Love you Tay Tay!
It’s so hard, but I know that I am doing the right thing. We had to teach a lesson completely in Spanish to an "investigator". It was so tough, because he did not break character, and he did not help us at all. Mi campanones nombre es Elder N. He's really nice and he is just barely starting to come out of his shell.
Elder N
I LOVE my district as well. Elder N, Elder Shaddick, Elder C, Elder D, Elder P, and a few others I cannot remember right now... Oops :P. So none of my friends have written me yet and it makes me sad. Oh yeah my P days are Saturday, so today has been my first one! But I can hand write you any time I want so please hand write me a LOT!! Could you get K's, C's and M’s addresses para mi? Ask Jace for help on that one I guess. Also, send me the letter that C wrote me please. :) So I’m loving it out here in the field, but I am also missing home. I've already sent you home 2 letters, so when you get them, write me back!! Tell everyone in the family that I love them and miss them. And could you get Austin’s email address for me?
Gonna miss you Austin!
I never got that, and I am sure that it is different than just his name. Today we did a temple session and it was amazing! But when we got finished, our bus had left us... We had to wait 30 minutes for the next and basically almost missed dinner.

I REALLY hope that the Spanish comes to me, because it is really hard. My companion is struggling so bad with it, it is making him sick. Tell me about the Heat games!? Did they win? How did LeBron do??? My roommates are VERY amazing. I am loving the MTC experience, but I have a feeling it will get horrible, I can PROMISE you that. Tell Jace he will have to push and struggle through this before it will get better because this is tough. I hope Austin survives. We have a general authority coming on Thanksgiving and I am so excited. It will be an amazing talk, and I know he will tell me what I need to hear. I really miss talking to and texting everyone. It was just the thought of having them to talk to at easy access. Now, nothing. I really wish that someone else had emailed me, but maybe next week:) Please try to get me those addresses so I can mail them the letters that I wrote them! And I hope that you get the two that I sent you. Again tell everyone that I love and miss them tons, and I KNOW this will be the shortest two years of my life. Spanish will come easy, and I will get ALL the ladies speaking it. :P Love you so much!
See you all in 2!!!

Love, Elder Shaddick :)

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