Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hey mommy!
Things have been super good around here! Just normal stuff though. On the upside, we have another baptism this Saturday, and the guy is so excited it’s not even funny! We found him, well, our other baptism we had, (Jaime) told him about the church, and he immediately fell in love with it. Basically you can say he was an ´hijo escogido´ or, a chosen child of God. Literally I cant believe how easy it was. Everything we told and taught him, he took and is living with ease. It’s mind blowing. His name is Eliseo. He is absolutely awesome. He smoked marijuana for years, but stopped now so he could be baptized and said that it is of the Devil. He was also at every single session of General Conference. That was pretty great to see as well. We are having amazing success down here in Saucillo! I absolutely love it.
Eliseo.. He's Golden!!!
Yes, I watched all of Conference. It was literally a HUGE blessing. I loved every single second of it. The talks were amazing! I took a lot of notes on Elder Uchtdorf’s talk, but all of the talks were incredible. It was my favorite when they talked about how the members need to work with the missionaries (they even mentioned Chihuahua!)! The members in Saucillo don’t do as much for us as we had hoped and it makes it really hard. But, I hope that talk kicks them into gear :) I truly love these people!! They’re amazing in every other way!
Taking conference notes
I can guarantee that I am working a lot harder down here than I ever would be up there. I love being here! Spanish is coming along really nicely. I feel like I can understand almost everything now, all I need to do is just listen really closely. But it’s coming along pretty successfully. I can’t speak near as well as I can understand. I keep having dreams where I am speaking Spanish perfectly and everyone around me is speaking back to me and I understand everything. Then I wake up, and I can’t speak near as well as I could in my dreams. So I know that it’s in my brain somewhere, I just need to find it :)
I am super happy that you made a blog for me! It’s good for all the people in the U.S. who miss me! Well, who wouldn´t miss me? Chiste, chiste. (Jokes, jokes) But, I want to say to everyone that is reading, that I love you all :) Thanks for all being my friends, and thank you for supporting me, and thanks for all your prayers! I can definitely feel them. When I want to quit, I know that I am out here to save those I promised I would save in the pre-mortal life. I will reach everyone I talked to and made that promise to. Thank you!
This is Yared! She is my absolute favorite!!! :)
Well, I will let you go now. I love you mommy! :)
Elder Shaddick!

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