Thursday, April 3, 2014

December 7, 2013

Hola Madre!!!
Things have been so great so far!! No, your letters are NOT too long. They are amazing. I love that you write so much! But I got 9 emails this week from all friends, so I am way happy about that:) That is so scary to hear about Uncle Todd... He will definitely be in my prayers. I will pray all I can for them. I am glad he is okay and safe. That’s a BUMMER to hear about the Xbox.... I know he was way excited for that.
The Spirit is so incredible here! I try hard to recognize when and what it is saying to me. I also really love talking to The Lord.
Oh, and it would definitely be great to get a package every week, but I know that would be way too hard:) So, letters are great!!
One of my teachers. He's hilarious!!
I heard from Austin as well! He didn’t really say much to me either, but he said he was doing great, and he already had the chance to bless someone!! Some random lady in the airport asked him and his companion to bless her because she was really sick, and traveling with 2 kids. Isn’t that amazing!? Anyway, he says that he is doing well, and he loves teaching people. I know he will be a great missionary. He leaves the MTC and goes out into the field Monday.
I can’t wait to get this package! Is this my Christmas package? Or no? Because I want a few WAY good looking ties please:) Try to find the best-looking ties you can! Thats a big deal around here! Hahaha.
Gotta love me some ties!

Okay daily life... Each day is different times, but we do the same stuff... Does that make sense?  We wake up, get ready, then go eat breakfast. Then we go to our classroom. I am on the west campus, so basically it’s all in apartment buildings. It’s pretty great actually. Then we are taught by a teacher for 3 hours, then we have personal study, additional study, language study, the works. We spend like 8 hours a day in the class. We get taught by 2 different teachers every day. Hermano M, and Hermano P. P is so incredibly spiritual its nuts. M is an amazing teacher and is definitely helping me with my Spanish. In between we have lunch and dinner as well. But 2 times a week we have a devotional by someone in the 70 or the 12. It’s amazing. Also we get gym time for an hour a day. I play basketball every time. I have gotten so good at basketball!!! It’s CRAZY!! Like I make more than half of my shots. Haha, I guess the Lord is blessing me in other ways as well.
Looking good! ;)
I Really miss basketball and football!!! I know Seattle won (I told you when I left they’ll win the whole Superbowl, just wait and see), but I don’t know anything about the Heat!! What is going on with them!? I need info :) Anyway, I am doing really well, and the Spanish is coming, but not as well and quickly as I had hoped, but I know that it will:) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMY!!!!!!!! Be safe and know that you are all in my prayers. And yes I got the letters. I will write them back when I can.

Love, Elder Shaddick

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