Thursday, April 3, 2014

December 14, 2013

Dear Mommy!!!
Heading to Mexico soon
Lets see here. So this week was kind of rough for the first few days, because Elder N was grouchy. But on Wednesday, we sat down and talked, and we fixed all the little problems that we had! Now he is a lot better and is back to himself. That was a blessing for sure. Oh and everyone in my district is going to Chihuahua. Well, we have 2 going to Spain. That's really sad to hear about J. I will keep him in my prayers for sure, and I know that he will do a lot better. I hope he is not getting bullied, or I will have to go home and beat some kids up. ;) In his letter that he sent me, he told me that things are going great, and he is making some friends.
Hopefully not preparing me for things to come
Christmas will still be amazing, because it's not about the presents that you get! (Even though that is a great bonus). You and I both know that you always make Christmas amazing! This week has gone by WAY fast for me. I love that! It gets faster and faster every week, it's insane. I will be in Mexico in 3 weeks!!
Ahhhhhh. My Spanish is coming along I guess, but it’s nowhere near perfect. I did teach a 45 minute lesson in all Spanish though! (Broken Spanish of course). It's so hard to conjugate!!! That is one of my only problems. So I am not going to worry about that, and hope it comes on its own in the field eventually. But of course I will still study it.
I know I am supposed to be here because, even though it is very hard, and emotionally exhausting, it's not supposed to be for my benefit. I'm serving 2 years so I can bring other people to the truth, those who need me. And, as a bonus, I get to learn Spanish :P I'm so proud of Tay. She is by far the strongest girl that I know. I love her and miss her so much! Oh, and Elder N is from Bountiful! So not too far :)
Anyway, I better go. If there is anything you want to know, just ask! It gets kind of crazy sometimes, but nothing that I cant handle! I haven't heard from Austin this week, but I didn’t expect to since he’s going into the field. I hope he is okay! Well I love and miss you! :)

Love, Elder Shaddick

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