Friday, April 4, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hey mommy! 

That is an interesting story about your friend who also served in Chihuahua! That is a way small world! Yeah they just barely opened up the Saucillo part in this mission, and we have been doing pretty well considering! We have 5 more baptisms lined up for the beginning of March :) That should be awesome! I hope they all work out. Things have been so much better. Besides the fact it is still really hard to understand everything. But it is coming along. I finished my first cycle! It has been 6 weeks here in Mexico, mom!! THAT IS CRAZY!! I cannot believe it. It is the fastest time that has ever passed in my life. It feels like I literally just flew in. Oh and by the way, one of the ladies that feeds us, told me since I have gotten here, it looks like I have lost about 15 pounds! I feel like it and looks like it as well!
P-day water fight!
Tambien, she told me that my accent was near perfect and she only heard a little bit of ´North American´ in my speech!  She said most North Americans have a very gringo accent. :P
So, we started visiting a new family, and I asked them all to be baptized, yes I asked them, and all 5 of them said yes!! That’s another 5 more!! It was our first lesson too! It went very well considering.
I am excited to get that package :) It should be amazing! What kind of music did you put on the iPod?? I listened to a David Archuleta CD and that was awesome to actually hear music. Oh and we get free haircuts :) Discurso means talk :) I gave a 25 minute talk in church!
Look who I found trying to go to church!
Not that many cool things have gone on this week, so, I don’t have much to write. I really miss seeing you. I still get homesick every so often because I hear a song or see a movie or just think about you. But, I just think about all the good that I am doing here and that keeps me going! :)
I cannot wait to be better at Spanish. I am hoping I will be by the end of this next cycle. A cycle is 6 weeks. I just need to talk more in Spanish and listen my best! The Lord will do the rest. Well, I love you so much! On the 20th, I will have a total of 3 months! That is crazy!!! LOVE YOU!!

               Love, Elder Shaddick

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