Friday, April 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey mommy!
Yeah things down here have been really great! We have a baptism of 3 people this coming Sunday! One of our ladies has a problem with smoking she JUST told us about so we have to help her before she can be baptized. But this Sunday!! Also, we have an American down here that we’re teaching. He is 6 foot 8 and he plays basketball professionally down here! That is so cool!!! I am going to send you a picture someone took of him playing. He is shooting the foul shot.
Things have been awesome down here. MARK AND ASHLEE ARE ENGAGED?!?! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me so happy! I am so happy for both of them! :) Now you can stay friends with Ashlee forever! :P She is so nice!!
Thanks for the pictures I got them both! And no, I haven’t gotten the package yet because we don’t have meetings that often, but we have one tomorrow and I think I am going to get it then! Thanks again for that;) Try to send me packages as much as you can please! :) I finally feel comfortable talking to people in Spanish now, and its great! Finally!! But I still have so much to learn. I love and miss you so much, and write me back soon!!!!! I love you mommy :)
         Love, Elder Shaddck

P.S  ¡Cumpleaños Feliz! ¡Cumpleaños Feliz! ¡Cumpleaños Feliz!  ¡Cumpleaños Feliz! Happy birthday to the bestest most amazing perfect and beautiful mommy in the world!!! I love and miss you so much!! I can’t believe you are already 21. The years are FLYING by!! I love you so much mommy :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

P.P.S. I learned to make tortillas! :)
Rolling out the dough

Love making tortillas!!


  1. He looks so adorable! He is tan and skinny! I'm loving these pictures. When he gets home I think we need to have a cooking class by Brae! (Loved the shout out too!)

    1. Thanks Ashlee! I'm pretty proud of what a strong young man he's becoming. I completely agree with the cooking class! I love Mexican food and would love to learn to make it taste more authentic!